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Leading ergonomic indicators.

It’s where the field is pointing. Toward powerful, comfortable, and functional mice and trackballs. Not to mention keyboards! All of which are the outgrowth of countless user studies on how to provide the maximum in user health and comfort. And, they come in both wired and wireless formats to suit your system needs and personal tastes.

Want to find out more? Visit our website at logitech.com and see for yourself. Or better yet, go down to your nearest retailer and touch for yourself.

Because after all, when it comes to input devices, we point the way.
1989 Art Direction: Steven Goldstein
2006 Art Direction: Ivan Lee
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The real Bay Bridge has just been strengthened.


The people of Loma Prieta
October 17, 1989
1989 Concept and Design: Steven Goldstein/John Buckley
2006 Production: Ivan Lee
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Less energy. More power.

It’s the holy grail of all engineering.

But this little notion — that we can devise supremely efficient systems — has ramifications that go far beyond the mere physics of building things. It applies as well to how we as a society conduct our commerce. How we care for our environment. And even, in fact, how we live our very lives.

At AMD, this idea of using resources intelligently has been a touchstone of our product development strategies ever since our founding. From the beginning, we have always believed that the process is as important as the processor, that developing efficient ways to create products is the way to create efficient products.

The result has been a series of innovative solutions-in-silicon that have found their way into tools of distinction in industries as diverse as science, business, and entertainment. Tools that are used by the most visionary — and the most practical — leaders in their respective fields.

Today, our pioneering approach to design and engineering has led to a further strengthening of that “little notion”: the idea that we can derive more and greater benefit from fewer resources. Our low-energy-consumption microprocessors offer new levels of cost-effective power for the sophisticated systems that drive today’s engines of commerce. Which in turn means competitive advantage for the forward-thinking companies that use them.

As the stewards of our future on this planet, we owe it to those who come after us to utilize our resources carefully and deliberately. But we also owe it to ourselves to use them efficiently.

Putting both together is the way we advance.
Advanced Micro Devices             
2006 Art Direction: John Marin (for Y&R/San Francisco)
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• Lingo (:30)
• Beautiful (:30)
• Perfect (:30)
• Cards (:30)
2007 Production: John Yazel (2010)
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Love, Mediterranean style.

They’ve got a delicious, savory taste. Heart-healthy fats. And surprisingly few calories. Which means that snacking on ripe California olives from Lindsay is the perfect way to feel the love. Whenever the urge hits you.

Not only that, olives are the perfect finger food — and fun to eat! Just pop ‘em in your mouth, and savor that mouth-watering taste and meaty texture. And relish the knowledge that you’re enjoying a delectable, satisfying snack that’s actually good for you.

What’s not to love?
Lindsay Olives             
2009 Art Direction: Andre Cohen