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Why Invisalign Teen?

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A brighter outlook for your practice.

As Invisalign Teen® continues to bring smiles to more and more teen patients, the doctors who treat them are increasingly reporting a surprising benefit: a happier and more satisfying practice.

From a better relationship with patients to less wear and tear on the doctors, Invisalign Teen is having a profound impact on the way orthodontists work.

Which is why it’s not so surprising that more of them every day are expanding their practice with Invisalign Teen.
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Changing the face of teen orthodontics.

From the time of its launch in 2008, Invisalign Teen has brought the innovative Invisalign treatment modality to the non-adult comprehensive patient. Designed specifically with teens in mind — and with features expressly mentioned by doctors as meeting the needs of 13- to 19-year-olds — Invisalign Teen is an ideal alternative to metal braces.

Compliance plus.
For most doctors, compliance has never been an issue with their Invisalign Teen patients. Our aligners have built-in indicator dots that fade from blue to clear in accordance with proper wear time. Compliance indicator keycards are also provided for each patient, to establish a baseline and to track the indicator changes. All of which encourages teens to wear the aligners as they’re supposed to.

Not only that, you receive up to six individual replacement aligners should your patient lose or break the originals — an additional selling point for parents, giving them one less thing to worry about.

Dealing with erupting teeth.
Many teens present for treatment with erupting permanent dentition. That’s why Invisalign Teen has been designed with new features to help prevent supra eruption of second molars. A tab has been designed to extend over the first cusp of the second molar; the thickness of the aligner material helps adjust the bite to the same plane as the first molar.

In addition, Invisalign Teen accommodates the natural eruption of cuspids and second bicuspids by allowing you to prescribe the room necessary for the erupting teeth.

Changing the inclination of the tooth.
Outstanding treatments mean consideration of every procedural detail. Including lingual root torque.

Invisalign Teen includes the innovative Power Ridge™ feature, which concentrates aligner force to assist in root movements of lingual root torque of the upper centrals and lateral incisors. This feature is automatically placed near the gingiva on upper centrals and lateral incisors when the movement is necessary.
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A national campaign to get the smiles out.

In most cases, Invisalign Teen practically sells itself — just consider the many referrals doctors get when potential patients realize their friends are wearing “invisible braces.” But to augment and enhance that buzz, Invisalign Teen is the subject of aggressive national PR and advertising campaigns, in print, on the airways and cable, and in cyberspace.

The result? More and more teens are being driven to invisalignteen.com, where they can find an Invisalign Teen orthodontist near them, on the doctor locator list on the website. So be sure you’re there, too — where those potential patients can find you — by having at least four Invisalign Teen patients in your practice.

Traditional Media
  • Proactive Media Relations Compelling, focused media outreach on a local, regional, and national level to target TV, print, and online publications.
  • Lifetime network’s “The Balancing Act” Invisalign Teen featured on this national daily morning talk show tailored to women.
  • Spring Beauty Tips & Trends TV Tour Invisalign Teen will be among the featured products on this 10-market, in-studio segment hosted by Jackie Silver.
  • Spruce up Your Look For Spring Satellite Media Tour Beauty and Style expert Patti Reilly shares tips and suggestions, including Invisalign Teen.
Social Media
  • Mom Blogger Outreach A focus on the top 50-100 highly influential bloggers, to share appropriate information about Invisalign Teen.
  • BlissDom ‘10 A weekend of networking, sharing, and learning for bloggers and brands, at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • NCA/NDA All Star National Championship Invisalign partnered with Varsity Sports — a preeminent brand serving the cheerleading community — to sponsor the “Official Smile of Varsity.”
  • “Straight” Talk Mom Blogger Event An annual event that promotes the benefits of Invisalign Teen and fuels positive posts and stories on the most influential women’s blogs.
  • Journey’s Backyard BBQ Invisalign is an Official Sponsor of the action sports and music festival, held in five cities in 2010.
  • TCA Sponsorship Invisalign Teen is the official dental hygiene partner of Teen Choice 2010, which celebrates the hottest teen icons in film, television, music, sports, fashion and more.