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The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body.

The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body.

This is by design.

The brainís synchronicity is one of the marvels of the human anatomy. It reveals a wondrous mechanism for allowing us to accomplish big-picture activities through the harmonization of little-picture actions.

At Design One, we take this same approach to offering visual design solutions to strategic communications problems. Itís an approach in which we look outwards to see the business issues, and inwards to see the emotional ones. Putting both together yields compellingly persuasive results.

No matter which side you look at it from.
2007 Design: Design One/San Francisco
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Good design is the result of a highly structured left-brained process.

While itís true that design depends on creativity, imagination, and innovation, it also involves much more than mere visual aesthetics. Design is a problem-solving process that encompasses a wide range of interconnected activities, such as defining goals and exploring strategies. Setting budgetary and schedule imperatives. And developing programs for executing ideas in different media.

No combination of creativity and execution — no amount of graphic sleight-of-hand — can rescue an off-base strategy, a poorly thought-out plan, or a weak relationship between the partners committing to implementing them.

Good design is the result of a highly creative right-brained process.

While itís true that design depends on a sound strategy and thoughtful process, it nevertheless has as its main component the single, the simple, the intelligent Ö the idea.

Where do good ideas come from? Creativity is hard to bottle, but good ideas are the result of a potent alchemy of information, experience, insight, and a touch of the unusual — a willingness to look at things from new perspectives. The best strategy and most effective process cannot overcome an idea thatís weak, unclear, or off-target.

The benefit of a good idea, executed well, is the grand prize of communication: a clear, trusting unfettered bond with an audience; one that a company will then go to great lengths to maintain and nurture.