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Simply. Delightful.

User Experience Design at eBay

2007 Design: Rachel Wear
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Whatís love got to do with it?

Everything. Thatís because for eBay to be successful, our members have to be successful. And that means more than just enabling them to buy and sell in a fun, safe environment. It means having them — all 200,000,000 of them — absolutely love the experience.
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200,000,000 differences.

Everybodyís got a story. And with more eBay members than the populations of most countries on the planet, weíve got plenty of them. At User Experience Design, we design eBay to bring these people — and their stories — together. To make a world of people feel like the site was created expressly for them. This makes our job more challenging. But we donít mind. Itís more fun that way.
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Creating serendipity.

User Experience Design creates spaces that inspire our members to find delight — even when they donít win their auctions.

We do this by understanding the emotions our users feel when they come to the site, and then developing pathways that guide those feelings in a positive way.

This focused inspiration allows us to overcome the biggest single challenge in website design: delivering the consistently great experience.