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Your education. Your life. Your terms.

Welcome to University of Phoenix

(inside) If there is one constant in our rapidly changing world, it is that the value of a university education remains as important as ever. Globalization, technology, and an increasingly faster pace of business make it imperative that today’s workforce be well-equipped to compete and thrive.

For those already in that workforce, no institution of higher learning is better-suited to helping you further your education than University of Phoenix.

Founded in 1976 with the express purpose of helping adult learners achieve their educational goals, University of Phoenix is today the largest private university in North America. With classes at more than 200 locations and a full curriculum of online courses, the University offers challenging educational opportunities for both personal and professional growth.
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Life lessons. Full or partial credit.

Putting your experience to work for your degree.

In any college environment, the idea of prerequisites — prior foundational courses — is imperative for a sound, structured degree pathway.

But what happens in a non-traditional learning situation, such as yours? You have worked hard for your employer, and perhaps others, and learned much throughout your career. Shouldn’t that valuable experience count in your continuing education?

At University of Phoenix, it can.

Experiences of a lifetime.
Through our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), you may be able to earn college credit toward your associate’s or bachelor’s degrees. PLA evaluates training courses, workshops, and seminars completed through your employer or elsewhere, as well as professional development, certificates, and transcripts from other accredited or unaccredited institutions. The assessment then determines how that learning may translate into college credit.

Your employer may already have a Credit Recognition Guide that lists your company’s specific in-house trainings that qualify for PLA. And, you can check our own University of Phoenix lists — including our Corporate Credit Recognition Guide — for the professional certificates, licenses and other courses that have been pre-evaluated for college-level equivalency. You can even submit corporate training not included in the above lists for potential credit.

Who is eligible?
Once we’ve received and approved your necessary transcripts and paperwork and you are enrolled in undergraduate degree programs with general elective credits remaining, you’re eligible for an assessment. PLA is a great way for you to fulfill your required general education and elective credits, enabling you to receive your undergraduate degree sooner — not to mention save on the cost of tuition.

Learn more.
To find out more about how your experiences can transfer to college credit at University of Phoenix, visit our website, phoenix.edu, or contact your Corporate Education Liaison.
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The education of your lifetime

Real-world skills for real-world people.

At University of Phoenix, we understand that learning goes hand-in-hand with working. Working learners like yourself, after all, need higher education programs that fit your lifestyle, allowing you to earn your degree while still having time for work, family, and other commitments.

Since our founding in 1976, this has been precisely the philosophy of University of Phoenix. When you enroll in one of our accredited degree programs — across the widest range of today’s most in-demand fields — you can:
  • take courses that fit into your schedule, by attending class at a nearby campus or online;
  • learn from highly educated professionals who work in the fields they teach;
  • exchange ideas and network with other working students and faculty;
  • and improve your communication and teamwork skills in small, collaborative learning teams.
Add it all up and you’ll find that University of Phoenix offers the quality education you’ve been wanting: one that holds the key to a better future for you, and a better world for everyone — from your employer to your community, and beyond.

Learn more.
To find out more about how you can change your life at University of Phoenix, contact your local Corporate Education Liaison.
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You offer the training. Your employees get the credit.

A partnership with University of Phoenix to strengthen your professional development programs.

We all know that some of the most important learning we do is outside the classroom walls — and quite often on the job. At University of Phoenix, we’ve developed a way to help your employees benefit from the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired, and turn that experience and training into college credit.

We call it a corporate articulation — an alliance between University of Phoenix and your organization in which we perform a complementary evaluation of your organization’s training and professional development programs. Undergraduate credit is then awarded, based on how the training educates your employees and is aligned with the learning goals of our general education and elective courses.

Following the evaluation, we compile a Credit Recognition Guide (CRG) that explains the details of the training courses that can be applied toward college credit. The CRG takes the guesswork out of the process for employees who want to submit their training for credit. And, with an articulation agreement, your employees can simultaneously participate in your trainings while earning credit toward their associate’s or bachelor’s degrees.

Business benefits.
A corporate articulation with University of Phoenix assists your organization by:
  • increasing credibility and participation in your internal training programs.
  • retaining employees who are eager to improve their skills with education.
  • motivating employees to expand their knowledge and abilities.
  • helping employees achieve their professional development and education goals, while also helping control your company’s overhead on education costs.
Helping your employees succeed.
A corporate articulation also benefits your employees by:
  • helping them get a jumpstart on their undergraduate degree programs.
  • saving them money on tuition and fees, for real-world learning already completed beyond the classroom.
  • allowing them to graduate sooner.
Learn more.
To find out more about how a corporate articulation agreement can benefit you — and your employees — visit our website, phoenix.edu, or contact your Corporate Education Liaison.