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Netflix, Inc.
2003 Annual Report
2004 Design: Casper Design/Berkeley
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Finding Nemo has never been this easy.

We make it easy and fun for our customers to find the movies they will enjoy.

Behind this friendly, intuitive Netflix experience is an arsenal of sophisticated technology and operations expertise. Our proprietary software tools make personal movie recommendations based on each individual subscriber’s likes and dislikes. Our logistics systems make sure that as each movie is returned, the next available request is shipped to the same subscriber — generally the same day.

And our hardworking employees at our regional shipping centers around the country work seamlessly to ship out more than 2.5 million DVDs each week, with remarkable efficiency.
2004 Design: Casper Design/Berkeley, California
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Netflix makes getting Ordinary People an extraordinary experience.

What’s the secret to our success? What’s made Netflix the #1 online DVD rental company? We think it’s the result of our passion for excellence and our ability to deliver on our promises. This, in turn, has created an incredibly loyal subscriber base. People love Netflix, and they tell their friends about it, which means more new, satisfied customers (to the tune of an all-time-high customer satisfaction rating of 95%).

And what about the future? We continue to invest in making the experience even better, with more titles, faster delivery, and unsurpassed service.
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18,000+ titles as unique as you are … even if you happen to be Edward Scissorhands.

Netflix is all about personal choice. Our subscribers enjoy powerful online browsing and search features to help choose from virtually every DVD ever published — more than 18,000 titles.

We carry both acclaimed and smaller, low-profile movies from independent filmmakers. Our subscribers can create a personalized list of favorites. And re-order, modify, or delete a movie at any time. We’ve added Critic’s Picks and Netflix Top 100 to make it easier for subscribers to discover interesting movies.

Or, they can just sit back, relax, and let our recommendations service help them find the movies they will enjoy.