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2005 Design: Y&R/San Francisco
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A true difference in character.

Companies with powerful brands understand the importance of consistently making the best of every impression among its constituents. In these companies, each person feels that he or she can make a difference, or shape the direction of the brand.

For us, that might mean something as small as making sure that a pot of coffee never goes stale at a service station. Or something as big as developing an improved fuel. It could also mean putting a little extra effort into the planning process to assure cost-effective, incident-free, and timely maintenance shutdowns at our refineries with no supply interruptions. Or providing an error-free invoice to our commercial customers, each and every time.

It could mean an employee answering the phone at the terminal distribution center, just as she’s walking out the door, then taking time to deliver exactly what the customer wants. Or it could be as simple as offering a friendly smile to everyone at the service station. It could even mean finding a community project that helps us fulfill our obligation to do our part in the communities where we operate.

When we talk about having pride in our company and the Chevron brand, we often say, “Don’t walk by something that is not right, because when you do, you give the impression that tings are okay.” The same principle applies here. The fact is, we believe that everything we do matters. Every impression is an opportunity to shape how people see us — to turn perception into reality.
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It’s on us.

People often think of our business and our industry as one that is highly dependent on hard assets such as refineries, depots, trucks, pipelines, and retail outlets. As a company, we do have billions of dollars invested in these hard assets. To remain competitive, it’s our job to make sure we apply rigor and discipline to deliver the highest return on each and every dollar invested.

However, that’s only half the job. To continue being successful, we have to apply the same rigor and discipline to the “softer side” of our business; namely, managing the complex interactions we have with our customers. This is not “softer” as in less important or more discretionary, but softer in the sense of understanding and responding to customer needs. These often appear less tangible and more elusive.

What does it take to manage both sides — the hard and the soft sides of our business? We believe it takes an exceptional group of people who feel personally accountable and are dedicated to every aspect of their jobs. People who embody our values, embrace continual change, and always strive to better understand our customers’ needs. People who are always willing to develop new ways to serve the customer better than our competitors can.

It’s on the people side where the greatest opportunity to differentiate ourselves from the competition exists.

It’s on us.
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It’s what’s inside that counts.

Building on the principles of the ChevronTexaco Way, the Chevron brand has always stood for reliability and integrity. These are characteristics of the inner self: traits that shape the personality not only of companies and individuals who work for them, but of brands.

Recognizing the importance of the consumer half of the equation as well, the Chevron brand has long appealed to the inner values of our customers, too. That’ because the axiom ever holds true: “Win the hearts of consumers and their minds will follow. Learn their hearts and you can build brands and businesses.”

Chevron’s campaign theme, “It’s what’s inside that counts,” goes directly to this idea — and to the heart. Cheerful and playful, the World of Cars — the embodiment of the campaign — appeals to consumers’ sense of warmth, decency, and fun.

And more than that, the brand expression is supported by the very essence of the product: the quality gasolines with Techron that work “inside” the car to clean the engine help ensure its best performance. Finally, there’s much more to a Chevron experience than just pumping gas at the island. There’s more inside the store, where Chevron’s brand attributes are further in evidence: quality, fast, safe, well-lit, clean, and yes, friendly.

Because it’s what’s inside that counts.