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Sound Expression

A Quick Reference Guide for Dolby’s marketing materials

(note: proprietary information not revealed.)
2003 Design: Design One/San Francisco
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Welcome to Dolby’s Marketing Materials system. This booklet is designed to help you understand how we express ourselves in various media channels, and to aid you in the preparation of your marketing materials.

While you will find information on all relevant topics here, we remind you that these guidelines are an abridged version of those you will find on our website; we encourage you to visit www.dolby.com/guidelines for a more complete and in-depth treatment of our graphic standards.
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Why a new approach?

At their most basic, Dolby’s marketing materials ensure the consistency and integrity of the image we present to the outside world. That integrity is lost when our communications are not consistent. The task of our marketing materials is to project and amplify our position — our brand — as the leader in quality sound and entertainment; the company that makes the entertainment experience richer, fuller, and more real, enabling people to feel more deeply involved.
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If what we do with our technology is to strip away extraneous noise in order to enhance the listening experience, what we do with the tone and manner in which we verbally express ourselves is exactly the same. Our tone is one of directness, clarity, and truth; our manner is that of understated, but real, confidence. Together, they differentiate our voice as the leader in the sound industry.

This “visual” voice is characterized not only by precision in meaning, but also by the vocabulary of sound, and its enjoyment. Use it in good taste!