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Anatomy of a Brand

Touch. Itís the most primal of our senses, and the one that marketers are most fond of invoking as we seek to help our clients reach their customers.

Pay By Touch is a new consumer payment service that is all about touch — literally. By enabling shoppers to pay for purchases using a simple finger scan at checkout, the service enhances a customerís shopping experience in a way that has never been possible before.

The simplicity and security of this revolutionary idea is a natural for consumers. At Design one, we applied this same fresh approach to the formation of a unique Pay By Touch brand.
2003 Design: Design One/San Francisco
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How to touch an audience

The first responsibility of any brand is to embody the essence of a companyís corporate vision and strategy. This is a two-part process that consists of a look, tone, and feel program, and the resources with which to communicate it.

First, we created a precise visual language across all media with a combination of ample white space, a proprietary color palette, and, of course, compelling and benefit-driven text.

But we also created a synergistic set of communications tools that would help the Pay By Touch brand fulfill its highest obligations in fully supporting the companyís strategic goals.
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Touch points

The interdependent communications tools that Design One created for Pay By Touch — including an online brand toolkit and an interactive Flash sales demo — provide the means to ensure that the Pay By Touch brand remains tightly aligned with the companyís corporate goals.

By helping the company produce a consistent, unified image, these resources promote a better brand experience for consumers and a higher return for shareholders.