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Going beyond the numbers.

Clients should differentiate between asset gathering and asset management. We do.

At Blue Oak, we are not interested in amassing large numbers of clients; we choose instead to focus on our individual clients and their aspirations.
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21st Century investors.

Blue Oak Capital was founded in Palo Alto in 1999 to provide wealth management services to a select group of individuals, families, and trusts.
Our firm is the product of a desire to offer a better solution.

Legacy systems prevail in our industry and traditionally structured firms tend to rely heavily on antiquated platforms. We do not suffer this problem. Streamlining the operational nature of our business enables us to spend more time and energy focused on delivering exceptional service and truly personalized attention to our clients and professional colleagues.

By capitalizing on the advanced technologies spawned in Silicon Valley, we are not bogged down by the old way of thinking or doing things. Blue Oak utilizes the best science of investment theory, drawing heavily from the established framework of asset allocation. Our open architecture provides limitless opportunity to seek best-in-breed, low-cost, and globally diversified investment vehicles necessary to address risk environments in the 21st Century.
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Uniquely personal visions of the future.

Blue Oak clients include engineers, authors, homemakers, attorneys, professors, venture capitalists, physicians, art collectors, executives, designers, and world adventurers.

Most Blue Oak clients reside within 50 miles of Palo Alto. Each has a unique vision of where he or she wants to go and has a focus on things other than structuring investment strategies and daily portfolio upkeep. That's where we can help.

For a Silicon Valley company founder, we implemented an investment strategy specifically oriented to diversify newly created wealth resulting from the public offering of his shares.

For the surviving partner in a relationship where "the husband took care of all of the money," we provided not just the management and organization of her new portfolio, but the comfort of an education on what she needed to know.

For a senior executive wondering if she could afford a transition to part-time consulting, we provided comprehensive financial planning to map the steps required to meet her objective.

And for a family who needed to better understand the complexities of multi-generational wealth planning, we collaborated closely with both family decision-makers and independent experts, seeing the plan through from concept to realization.