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Enabling the Interactive Video Web.

The change we all knew was coming is now here. From a model of static HTML pages, the web is now transformed into not just a visual medium, but an interactive Video Web — where every frame of every video is a linking point that anchors real-time social media, weblinks, applications, and transactions. With Coincident TV's technology and Experience Builder Suite for creating, communicating, and monetizing these new experiences across platforms, the web is no longer just a video in a box on an HTML page. It is a unified, rich-media experience of platform-neutral, interactive, and interconnected video. Welcome.
2010 Design: 405 Group/Emeryville
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Click-in, not Click-through.

Imagine this: rather than just sharing or accessing your content online, your customers are able to get “inside” your content and engage in social- or commerce-related conversations — without ever leaving your video content. The Coincident TV experience flips the current model of static HTML pages and secondary, embedded videos, to make your video content — in a single, unified, rich, and immersive experience — the anchor that drives all secondary contextualized elements.

The result? More time spent with your programming. And more time realizing new revenue streams.

A better experience for viewers
The formula is simple: when you create an environment that viewers enjoy, they’ll want to stay there.
  • Simplified navigation It’s all inside the video.
  • Drive more ad dollars Linear content becomes interactive content, which — by increasing the number of interaction points — increases the number of ad and promotional opportunities.
  • Drive social sharing Interactive content can be embedded and shared, engaging conversations from within the video and earning additional distribution and promotion at no additional cost.
New ideas, new business models, new entertainment
Once you begin to think creatively about video, the possibilities are virtually endless:
  • Interactive Trailers Interactivity inside a movie or TV trailer creates greater affinity between content and viewers. Engagement and affinity drive repeat ticket sales long after the premiere.
  • Superfan Experiences Leverage your best fans to help promote your content; Coincident TV lets them easily share, access, buy, blog, socialize, and dive deeper into the experience — turning Superfans into a legion of tastemakers and opinion-shapers.
  • Subscription Applications Coincident TV lets you easily create web experiences that open new revenue streams. Can you sell “behind-the-scenes” content from last season? Or pay-per-view applications, or news subscriptions? Others are doing it, so why wait to join them?
  • Virtual DVD DVD and Blu-Ray are big business. Get a jump on the competition and begin delivering the same experiences over the web — with interactive footage, cast interviews, fan spotlights, and more. And all of it updated and refreshed as often as you like, with real-time integration of timely promotional content.
  • Live Interactive News Use live video as the base for building an experience. Overlay and integrate links to related content in real time. Deliver the most up-to-date, immersive news experience.
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Experience the Video Web.

Picture a video running in a small window in your browser. Now imagine stretching the video so that it engulfs the entire screen. Your video is now the browser. And just like a browser, your video is your portal to the entire web. To content related to the video you’re watching. To merchandise, that you can purchase. And to friends, who you can gossip with.

This is the Video Web. And with Coincident TV’s powerful new suite of tools for building, running, and analyzing rich, interactive video experiences, it’s here today.