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Leadership. Partnership. Expertise.

Welcome to Bell-Carter Foods the roots of California Ripe Olives, and so much more.
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All things olive.

You know it's a fruit (don't you?). You know it's delicious and healthy, too. With only 2-1/2 grams of healthy fat, one serving of low-calorie olives makes up only 3% of total suggested fat intake per day.

But did you know that the olive existed before written language was even developed? Or that Mrs. Freda Ehmann developed the ripe olive process on her back porch in California a century ago?

Welcome to Bell-Carter Foods' encyclopedic history of the olive. Come with us on a journey that will tell you everything you want to know about this amazing food.
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Recipes to grow your business.

Working with you to help increase your olive business is not the only kind of partnership we offer at Bell-Carter Foods. In fact, we begin at a very basic level: with the incredibly versatile olives themselves, which partner so perfectly with so many foods from meat and produce to pasta and wine. The complementary ingredients in these recipes make perfect merchandising partners, as well.