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One simple click.

Multiple platforms.

Payment complete.
2012 Design: 1185 Design/Palo Alto
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The new digital currency: Your mobile number.

You're online, you see something you want to buy, or subscribe to. You select PayOne's payment option, enter your mobile phone number, confirm the purchase, and the product is on its way to you. It's that simple. The charge appears on your next phone bill. It's even easier when purchasing right from your mobile device by selecting PayOne and buying with One-Click.

Keep your private information to yourself
With PayOne, you don't need a credit card. Or even a bank account. There's no account setup, and no extra usernames or passwords. You need only your phone number mobile, broadband, or home.

This simplicity and the security behind it is the result of PayOne's decade of experience working with thousands of merchants to deliver a safe and secure digital shopping experience for billions of people around the world.
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The product for upwardly mobile revenues.

PayOne Mobile is built on our powerful, PayOne global carrier network (PGCN), which spans 80 countries. This mobile payment solution gives you access to 4 billion people while making their purchase experience simple and convenient.

Payments for the way your customers live
Whether from their phones or laptops or tablets or even their TVs consumers can now make simple, one-click purchases, and have the payments go directly to their mobile phone bill. And, because our products and services operate in the background of your payments process, your customers always remain in your app, or on your mobile web page in your customer experience.

A superior user experience
PayOne's unique expertise optimizes minimal clicks and data entry user experience and increases conversion based on local market requirements, consumer behavior, and carrier capabilities.

A better business model
Our patented technology helps you attain a higher price point (through multiple transaction aggregation), and/or optimize your business models with a streamlined a one-click purchase where users are likely to be repeat purchasers of one-off transactions.

PayOne Mobile
PayOne Mobile enables your customers to charge digital services to their monthly mobile phone bill without leaving your branded experience or mobile app.