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It starts with place. A meeting of earth and sky and water that inspires new possibility. A setting of natural elements, where a bridge might rise — but only with the deepest respect for what makes this site special.

Thus begins a journey that is defined properly by its surroundings, awaiting only vision to advance its purpose.
2006 (Series) Art Direction and Design: Brian Collentine and Conrad Jorgensen
Photography: Conrad Jorgensen
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Opportunities: recognized, embraced, and now, visualized a way to bridge earth and sky with design that is innovative, functional, and constructible.

Here, ideas and concepts solidify. What is to be created in the end is far more than a mere span; it is an integral part of a larger pathway — one whose most important ingredient is the people who make it happen.
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This is a unique community. Individuals working together, so that others are brought together ... building bridges between people, in every sense of the word.

Here, we seek consensus, protecting and respecting the public trust. Partners, uniting their talents in common purpose. Participants, sharing collective expertise. Professionals, true to form.
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It comes to this. The culmination of a process that weaves place and people and vision to shape bridges that inspire us, that support us, that move us.

These spans are a presence in our lives, adding structure to how we live, and beauty to how we journey. It is, after all, in their very nature.